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2012-06-16 Talking Photos from unCONventional, the 33rd New Zealand national Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.
2012-04-19 Non-GAC blog posts Blog postings of non-GACy stuff from our trip to Melbourne
2012-04-19 Melbourne/GAC Photos from our recent trip to Melbourne to attend GAC
2012-04-19 My report on GAC2012
2012-04-09 Leaning to Draw: Padme Amidala Leaning to Draw: Padme Amidala
2012-04-08 Learning to Draw: Han Solo Learning to Draw: Han Solo
2012-04-07 Session 22 of the Traveller Campaign Session 22 of the Traveller Campaign
2012-04-02 Learning to Draw: Elf Learning to Draw: Elf
2012-03-28 Learning to Draw: Woman with Hair Learning to Draw: Woman with Hair
2012-03-26 Learning to Draw: Landscape 2 Learning to Draw: Landscape 2
2012-03-24 Learning to Draw: Butterfly Labyrinth Learning To Draw: Butterfly Labyrinth
2012-03-23 Learning to Draw "Learning to Draw" Gallery
2012-03-23 Traveller Campaign Write-ups for our "Galik Prime" Traveller campaign.
2011-01-14 Some photos from a trip I took to Mt Maunganui with Emily.
2010-09-28 Sophia, up close Some pictures from Pizza Feast 2010 Most of these pictures were taken by Alethea (age 8) and Sophia (age 5).
2010-09-09 My pictures from AussieCon4
2010-09-09 My report of AussieCon4
2010-08-30 Fiona at Weta Cave Pictures from our trip to Weta Cave
2010-08-29 SJV statue My report of the 2010 New Zealand Science Fiction convention, Au Contraire.
2010-03-29 Jess with Stormtrooper My write-up of the Christchuch Armageddon Pop Culture Expo
2009-06-02 Julie E. Czerneda Here's my report on ConScription.
2009-06-02 ConScription Gallery of images from ConScription.
2009-03-23 Nelson Trip Some photos from my recent trip to Nelson.
2008-08-20 Top and Bottom 10 There is now a page that shows the 10 most popular - and the 10 least popular - of my images
2008-08-16 Richard Stallman A report of Richard Stallman's talk at UoC
2008-08-09 The Little Snow of '08 The Little Snow of '08
2008-08-06 A trip on the TranzAlpine Photos from a trip on the TranzAlpine train.
2008-07-13 Canada emails The emails I sent back during my trip to Canada.
2008-07-12 Canada Images from my trip to Canada.
2008-01-03 Collingwood Gallery The full image gallery accompanying the article on my trip to Collingwood.
2008-01-03 Collingwood article An article recounting a trip to Collingwood, Golden Bay, New Zealand.
2008-01-03 Christmas 2007 Some pictures from our family Christmas, 2007.
2008-01-02 Picnic at Whitecliffs A picnic at Whitecliffs
2007-11-28 Mona Vale A visit to Mona Vale.
2007-11-24 Somerset Downs A visit to the Somerset Downs Craft Fair. The fair was naff but the gardens were lovely.
2007-11-02 Akaroa Jetty Panorama Added a panorama of five Akaroa images spliced together.
2007-10-31 Akaroa Lighthouse Some photos from a trip to Akaroa.
2007-10-26 RSS "What's New?" now has an RSS feed. Huzzah!
2007-10-25 The Crowd I have uploaded some more of my Armageddon photos. These are pictures that I didn't use to illustrate my main report, and are mostly similar to those that I did choose, but they might as well go online.
2007-10-25 Darth Joff Uploaded my 'Darth Joff' photos.
2007-10-24 Batman and Catwoman My report on Armageddon Auckland 2007.
2007-10-20 Anthony's Wedding Pictures from the wedding of my cousin Anthony on Waiheke Is.
2007-09-19 Step Well I've finally gotten around to uploading my emails sent from India. At the moment the article consists of just the text - I hope to illustrate the text with photos sometime.
2007-09-09 Kevin J Anderson My write-up of Kevin J. Anderson's talk and book signing at Scorpio Books.
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